A more detailed information about how to tweak an eee PC 900, page 2

Note: you should disable the “701” repositories after this section. You'll find lots of other repositories on th web. Remember most of them contain updates that my break your system, so do back up before trying (see at the end)

apt-get install ksmserver kicker

Once these are installed, you get the choice to change for the full desktop on exit. f you want to enable Full Desktop on boot, you can set this up in settings - personalization (easy mode).

Now that we have Full Desktop, there are still a few things to configure to have a fortable desktop:
- First stop the system from recreating a new desktop at every boot

This seems to be a bug in a Xandros script, not that easy to find where to correct because you have to edit the /usr/bin/startsimple.sh script (although you are setting up full desktop). Actually the info is on the wiki (http://wiki.eeeuser.com/howto:getkde) but the fact that it cures this behaviour is not mentioned. Open the script with an editor (as root) and modify the section as shown on the next page.

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